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Hope Park Office

This project began as a remodelling and reimagining of a main entrance space to a commercial office at Hope Park in Aberdeen. There was a very poor connection between the point of arrival at the ground floor entrance lobby and the main reception desk – with a large stair and complicated route via platform lifts eventually bringing visitors to the front desk at first floor.


Our proposal was to reconfigure this area to create a more welcoming space that would take visitors gently down to a new reception at the basement level, and provide far more open outlook to the office space at L1. This was a complicated exercise balancing existing basement boiler rooms, fire escapes, and structure. Three degrees of intervention were proposed, and with all options a reconfiguration of the existing office floor plates was explored using modular furniture from EDable’s sister company PLYable to create a variety of different workspaces in terms of intimacy, connectivity, and density.