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Montpelier, London

The proposal for the refurbishment at ground floor at The Montpelier is borne out of the new landscape that pub, bar, and venue owners and operators now find themselves in. While serving an important community purpose in terms of creating and offering spaces for people to gather, they also need to ensure they are doing all they can to follow public health guidance and employ safe procedures for both staff and customers alike.


The renovated internal space opens up the whole area, the increased ventilation created by the roof lantern allows the free passage of air through the space, and the bi-folding windows will further draw fresh air in and through areas where people are dining or drinking and creating more flexible spaces.


The proposal aims to reflect the dynamic and responsive mindset that has been required to operate with agility in a sector that is still very much volatile and unpredictable. With the additional retail space the business will be in a better position to recover from the hard economic times of 2020.


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