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Vaux Launch

A competition winning scheme developed collaboratively with Arups, Wonderstuff, Gareth Hudson (artist), Kathryn Hodgkinson (Artist) and Oobe Landscape. The brief asked for an imaginative conclusion to the ‘Keel Line’ artwork in Sunderland – a 300m long artist designed landscape strip that will project 20m over the edge of the ‘cliffs’ on the former Vaux Brewery site in Sunderland. Our innovative design centred around a 12m long glowing pendulum suspended from crane like structure evocative of Sunderland’s former shipyards.


The pendulum would be released every 3 hours from 9am to 6pm and swung naturally under its own weight. By pumping a small amount of water into an eccentric counterbalance the pendulum would return to it’s resting position to await the next release.


Having successfully achieved planning and survived several rounds of value engineering, the project fell victim to Carillion’s demise and has sadly been terminated.